Sunday, March 31, 2013


From my last post, I mention about my summer experience last year and promised to post a blog about it. So here it is. This is one of my unforgettable summer. I spent so much out of the sun and end me up looking like a preheated human being.LOL!. 

I wonder what summer 2013 planned for me. I wish it will top my last year's experience.
 So basically, the place is composed of 6 different Islands, where you can only chose four of the Islands you want to go to. I don't know why they will give you limits but I think it's gonna be a hustle if you're going to visit all of the islands. So that's the first island we went to, every island has a name but I couldn't remember the names already.
every islands has differences, If not shape, the sands. Some have very fine sands. This is my favorite island of them all. The surface is very wide where you'll enjoy running and playing on the sand. And the back portion of this Island, mmhhm..hmmm.. Speechless.
And that's the back portion, do you love it or do you love it? When I saw this part, I truly believed that I went to a paradise. Amazing huh! :)
So this is the surface I am talking about. Let's do a lil' outfit time here.
 Faded Glory Tank top
Deckies sunnies | YMI shorts
So the 3rd island we went to is called the naked island. It's called naked because you can wear nothing in this island. Kidding! haha. They call it naked because the island doesn't have any gwowing plants, and it only shows during low tide. Pretty cool huh! :)
The naked island is not that wide though, I even have a photo with it. haha
The road to the next island. :D

the last island we went to has a really huge rock on the center. It even has a mini cave. This island has the finest sand of all the others.

Xoxo. :*


  1. Looks like an amazing holiday! Beautiful beach, wouldn't mind sitting there on the sand this summer!


  2. This looks awesome