Thursday, March 28, 2013


After the rainy season of March, here comes April's sunny. Philippines has a lot of tourist destination, in fact, our white sand beaches is very popular around the world. But sad to say, those beaches is way too far from my home town. We still need to travel by land and by seas to get there, which will cos us a lot of money. But over and above, money is not a matter for the happiness and experience, right? 

But anyway, my summer last year was absolutely terrific. I together with my whole family went to Britania Group of Islands, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines to experience their amazing white sand beaches. We traveled 3 hours and another 1 hour to get to the islands. But the long and tiresome travel is worth it all. You will have a life time unforgettable experience. The picture is the first island we went to and there are more to go after that. I think I should blog about my experience back then, for you to see it all. 
 Let's get down to my post. This is the unplanned outing with friends. We were just sitting and talking, thinking what is the best thing to do for a boring day.  Suddenly, a friend called and invited us to visit their resort. We pause for a moment and shouted really loud. YEEEYY!!  :D
 Before hitting the pool, I ask them to took me some look shots for my blog. And here it is. :)
 Somebody ask me, "is it really appropriate to wear accessories on the beach?" and I answered, "well, it depends on you girl! We're different. It's a matter of choice." because for me, we don't need to limit our selves in wearing things. :)
Penshoppe White cut out top (DIY) | Penshoppe shorts | Korean inner top | Havaianas flipflops

 Pretty cut out right? It's a DIY by yours truly. :)

swimming time!! :D
Flying while fighting? ahahahhaha. With Sis S. :*

I hope you like it. xoxo :*

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