Thursday, March 28, 2013


First of all, I wanna state the reasons why I haven't posted some blogs from the past 2 weeks. Okay! here it goes, I was really busy at school because of the finals. I know that you know how busy and hectic a students life is, doing some stuffs like that, needs to submit this and those, you know what I mean. And last 3 days, I went out of town with my classmates for the media tour (Mass Communication student here! -_-"). So that explains everything. haha.

But anyway, lets get down to my outfit. You know when it's raining, we all go out wearing a warm and cozy outfits, right? everybody does that. And my own choice would probably, if not cashmere I go for sweaters, and if not sweaters, I go for thick and lovely denims, and that's what I'm wearing that day. 
It's pretty obvious that I'm wearing three different denims. Polo, jacket and jeans. I always love to mix same textile but has different colors. You can even play with it by wearing attractive accessories.
Close up photos for you to see how lovely those denims are. I'm in love. :*
The make up is definitely out of my expectation. It was just a normal day, no event at all and a friend (Felison, a gay friend, make up artist) did me a make up for the shoot. thanks to him.
  Penshoppe denim varsity jacket | Authentic denim button down top | Penshoppe jeans
Parisian Satchel bag | Wearmauve belt cuff, neon spikes, gold skull bracelet
TLCD shoes
 After taking those photos, I spent half of the day rooming around the mall with my Fashion buddy Soundy Manuel of 
our arm party, YYEEEYY!! :DD

Greetings to all of you beloved viewers. :) xoxo. :*


  1. So cute! Love the neon accessories!:)

  2. Great set! I love it

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    1. HI. thank you. I will surely check on that.