Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Calenders are now flipped for April. I remember, not long ago, when we were getting dressed for Christmas and counting down for the new year. It felt like all of this just happened yesterday and now Easter is already coming this Sunday. It's goodbye thick jackets and french coats and hello to bikinis and cotton shirts. Unbelievable, my absolute favorite season is finally here. And I can't wait to stay all day long in the beach and get tanned, now that I don't have to worry about school anymore. I just graduated. Congratulations to me!
April has always been about the bright colors. It's an expression of happiness like how the Easter eggs are painted brightly too. Though it's a child's thing, I still find it fun and will always be interested. So I made myself a happy Easter look by choosing to wear bright and printed pieces. I never thought I would come up with a fun outfit like this, even with all the contradicting colors. Pink and blue together has never been my thing. But as it turns out these pieces work together pretty well.
 Penshoppe shirt | Lei shorts | Lacoste bag | Penshoppe belt | Nicole Feraud glasses | Cut PH nail spa nails | Valentino shoes

  Thank you for taking some time to read. See you soon. :) 
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  1. Love your complete look, from the top to the fabulous shoes! Did you change your hair color? It looks gorgeous Renzo.

  2. Nice photos! Lovely look ^^

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    1. Thank you. and yes of course . sure thing. :)
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  3. I love your shoes and how you've styled bright colours! I'm always a bit wary of them but I love how you've put them all together :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose’s Rooftop

  4. Congratulations on Graduating! How exciting... now you can have some fun in the sun. I'm obsessed with your look here... from the shoes to that amazing belt and white nail polish! That reminds me, I need to invest in some really cute cut offs this Summer!

  5. You look amazing! Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

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  6. lovely post, very beautiful photos!