Monday, October 14, 2013


It's been a while again, I know. But I wont start this post with negativity. I've been busy, done. :) Anyway, the first semester is well applauded. It has been successful on my part  because I've done a lot of great things from the past few months of the sem. Though I had a bit of a hard time trying some thing else to work, and I cant get rid of those, so, I wont count those in. Besides, it's better to see things positively, right?


Aren't you gagging for this pair of sneak? Because I am literally gagging for them! It's the reason why I came up with the tittle. They are so loved. <3 I spent almost half of the year wondering when am I going to have this kind of pair,  and so did I know that September is just my luck. I ordered it during the last week of September, and came in 3 days after. I can say that September is a great month for me because, it never fail to make me happy at the end of it. haha! It's funny how I talked so much about September, and it's already October. I hope October wont mind and will be good to me. :)

It was actually one of my tiresome days where I ended up pulling safe colored clothes out of my closet. It's a semi-formal look because we had our final school activity. It's a school thing so, I don't really need to talk more about it. Instead, lets get down to what I am wearing that day. :)

One of September's gift to me is my hair. I happened to think that being blond is so me. :)

Levi's button down | Bench shorts 

H&M belt | S&H sneaker wedges

Penshoppe backpack 

Aizilym rings and bungles 

Thank you. I so hope you like it. And follow me if you want.
Baboosh !


  1. Great outfit :) love your rings. <3

    x Angie

  2. Hello, I love your outfit. The rings are cool and I like your bag.