Monday, October 21, 2013


The weekend went surprisingly crazy with the girls. After few days of saying "I'm staying home", I finally decided to go out of the sun with my lovely friendzee. From Saturday's Festive Magallanes celebration to Sunday's total sun exposure in the pools of Gazebo. It was indeed a heck of a weekend. A perfect weather, with the awesome girls, I couldn't ask for more. :)

Anyways, since fall is already here where the sun sets all day long, it's really nice to wear something comfee to refrain from a humid feeling. So I opted to wear short shorts paired with a cotton shirt and a sneak to complete my out of the sun look. 

 Umbrella is used so much that day. The sun just want me to get tan lines.
 I don't wanna talk so about the place we went to, but I'll just give you a brief knowledge about the place. Magallanes is one of the Philippines' historical place. In fact, the country's oldest and called as the centennial tree has grown really huge in this fine town. They annually celebrates their town Fiesta on the 3rd week of October.  I think that's enough. Let's get down to my look :)

 Old Navy top | Penshoppe Shorts | Penshoppe beanie
 Porsche design eyeglasses | Converse sneakers
    SM accessories socks | Aizilym spikes bracelet | Abubuts pink bracelet
Penshoppe bagpack

Two of my lovely friends went with me into a boat. Yes, you herd me me right, we traveled by boat. It was never my first time to ride a boat but it's actually my first time after 10 years. :)

Hope you'll like it. :)
Baboosh ! :*

Connections! :)


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  3. Great post, fun outfit! Magallanes looks like a beautiful place, jealous you are able to wear shorts.


  4. ohmgee! i love love love your top! :"> matagal ko na yan gusto :D

  5. OMG, your legs so long :-) Nice outfit

  6. I'm so jealous that you can wear shorts and a t-shirt! I'm getting ready for snow any day now!

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