Sunday, April 14, 2013


Us fashionistas, we always think that a look won't be complete without wearing accessories. Specially plain outfits, we wont settle for simplicity. An inspiring message from my idol, a fashion blogger Camille Co of once said, "consider a plain dress as an empty canvas where you can decide what  to do or what to add to make it look pretty and noticeable." that's not exactly what she said but it's something like that. :D With that quote, I realize that accessories are somehow important and useful.

This summer, I'm really excited to show you my own choice of accessories. I pick out the ones that has bright colors like neon and pastel. :) 

Aren't they the cutest thing. I was really in love when I first saw them. Checkered bow rings

Eye ring

This one is one of my fav. Beetle ring

Thunder connector ring

silver diamond rings

This one is to be treasured. It's a gift from a friend. Terannova zigzag cuffs

Colorful bracelets best arm candies to wear. :)

Wings Cuffs

Belt cuff in pink

Neon bracelet

Neon Spiked necklace

Neon Spiked necklace in pink

Pink Beaded necklace

And lastly, TAADDAAA! My DIY collar necklace. Isn't it adorable. I'm definitely gonna use it one of this days this summer. :)

Hope you'll love it. Baboosh! :*



  1. Very cute accessories. I love to accessorize a outfit myself!