Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Another casualty.I'm kind of not in mood of putting some effort with my outfit that day, because I know I'm gonna be sweating because of the hot weather and the school activities. These photos are taken during our university days in case if you're wondering why I mentioned "activities". I have a bunch of stuffs to do that day and I don't wanna be skimpy and ruined my outfit.

In my opinion, the best thing to wear during activities is just a simple shirt paired with cargo and a pair of flip flops, I chose to wear a couple of accessories to add some accent on my simple outfit. But without further do, here's my look. ;) wink
SM Parisian bag | Bazar rings | Dangerous baler | wearmuave pink spikie cuff  

Bench shirt | Ego jeans cargo pants | havaianas flip flops

Michael Kors watch |

PS.I only have few photos because this is just a rush shoot, as I have mentioned I was busy as hell.

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