Wednesday, January 1, 2014


 Let's talk travel. Okay so, Christmas is just so good to me. The break basically gave the whole family a worth while treat. A two days expedition to Northern Mindanao. I have been to this place several times already. But not as fun as we did this time. It's all about refreshing. Getting our stress minds out of the day to day life in my home town. Me with my family spend so much time together. Road trip, eating outside together, talking, site seeing, more talking. It's actually the best time to set aside all the head wracking work and school life. :)
So the first land mark we went to is a place of Prayers and Catholicism. The Divine Mercy Shrine is beautifully landscaped in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. It's a good place for us Catholics to take some time to pray. It's also a place for us to take some time to unwind with its colorful surroundings. Made up with well maintained plants.

 Having a moment with my Princess and my Teddy. ^_^

Next top, mountain trip. Wooohoo! After a short tour and a pray over the shrine of Divine Mercy, we decided to get back on the road to visit some spots in my birth place Bukidnon. It's one of the mountainous province here in the Philippines. If you want to breath a fresh air and have a dip on a cold fresh water, Bukidnon is the best place to go to. It's all surrounded with greens and mountains.
This is a water falls settled along the side of the roads of Bukidnon. I'm not so sure but, I think it's one of the tallest falling waters here in PH.

It's  naturally landscaped surrounding reminds me of the smart phone game Temple Run 2. :)

This statues is remarkably phenomenal. It artistically shows the real custom and traditions of the people in Bukidnon.

 The PH's very own grand cannon. Haha. You can also locate this along the side of the road. It's a nice spot to breath some fresh air.

 Kampojuan is also naturally landscaped with plants and trees. Asia's original and the only Anicycle can be found in this place. It's riding a bicycle in the air. It's fun and exciting. :)

I hope you all like it. :)
Baboosh! :*


  1. looks like soo much fun!!! Happy New Year!!

    1. It was indeed one heck of a trip. ^_^ Thank you Dina Bella. :*