Tuesday, December 10, 2013

501 Go Forth With Me Tomorrow

Season of holiday is already here, Yeeey! Where all stores are busy entertaining costumers who are looking for lovely presents and sassy gifts for their love ones. Well, last saturday, me, my fashion bud and her boyfie's Tita went out to join the crowd of the nearest mall Robinsons. It was actually a not so planned day out. We just hang out, went in and out a couple of stores to see some good stuffs for Christmas. We had fun, grabbed some waffles and milk tea treat by Tita Gen. :)


Some outfitters around the world cant wear something like this when holiday season starts to come in because they have winter. Wardrobe is converted to cozy outfits. But here in the Philippines, there is no such thing as fur and thick jackets for holiday. The temperature goes down but not to the point of 5 or 0, not even close. it's all a hot holiday. haha.

You all notice that I often wear denim, even from my past blog post. All I can say is I ROCK THEM! haha. :D I don't know, but I just easily fell in love with the fabric. It maybe not be as comfortable as cotton and cashmere  but it suits me. I feel classy and edgy when it's on me. It will never be taken away from my closet.

 Authentic Button down | Levi's shirt

 Penshoppe shorts

 RayBan sunnies

S&H sneaker wedges | Parisian bag



 Hope you all like it! Happy Holiday! :)

Baboosh! :*


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    1. Thank you. Sure thing. ^_^ I'll check and follow you for sure. :)

  2. How fun! I love the color scheme ;D

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  3. Taray ng whole look mo! I love it.


  4. folow you bebeeee

  5. i love how you put a touch of pink cuteness to your outfit! :">
    Merry Christmas dear! ;D


  6. Lookin so chic. Love your sneaker wedges. :)
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