Friday, June 14, 2013


Thank you Lord for giving me another leisure to post something on my blog. I've been very busy lately that I was able to skip almost a month of posting something new on my blog, and I felt sorry for that. But here I am, eager to post the best for all of you guys who views this anywhere in the world. :) (thankful smile here!!)   

Anyway, let's talk about the post. 3 weeks ago, I was invited to be one of the models of Bella Boy. What is Bella Boy? Bella Boy is actually a person, a coach, and a photographer. He conducts a monthly photo shoot for Homo. It recently started and founded  by Clubby Aggy last April 2013. The theme of their first photo shoot was candy land  which made them wear neon and pastel colors. Click on the Bella boy link to check the official photos.:)

So this is the May 2013 official photos. The whole idea of the theme is both vintage and rugged.

those are just some of the photos we have taken during the photo shoot. Visit the official Facebook page of Bella Boy to see some more. 

Here is the look that I have after the photo shoot. Its a lovely jumpie  I got from Bella boy. Its actually a gift in returning the favor. I wore it with some chunky necklaces to add a bit of details on the look.

Cherry jumpie | Korean heels | Mango loop belt used as necklace | Bench hat


Hope you'll like it. Baboosh! :*

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