Monday, March 4, 2013


Wednesday is a day of happiness for me as a student. This day is called "the expression day" where in us students are allowed to enter the school with out wearing the prescribed uniform. This is the only day where I get to wear my own choice of style except in Saturday or holidays, Sunday is excluded because I rarely go out during this day.

As we all know, summer is already on his way, so I decided to welcome it early us now. I'm always excited for summer and the long wait is almost over. You know summer is what all of us students have been waiting for. This is the only time where we get to relax and free from the stressful school works. I prefer to spend the rest of my summer in beaches and enjoy the heat of the sun.
So this is my preferable wear this summer. A comfortable short-shorts paired with a really cool colored top.
don't forget to hype the look. :)

 Diesel white top | Old navy denim top | Long Dary shorts | Terranova aztec cuffs | SM Accessories leaf ring

Look how dirty that shoes are,lol! what can I do I walked so hard that day.   SM touch kids shoes
 Kipling bag


  1. Lovely look! Love the Shirt-over-denim style, never though about that!
    Following you now sweety! xxxx

  2. You have a very unique style! Nice outfit!